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Yes. HBO therapy is administered under the supervision of a team of physicians and highly trained staff to ensure patient safety. Established industry standards and precautions are strictly adhered to at all times. 

This depends on whether the chamber is multiplace or monoplace. Drinking water, tissues, glasses (which can only be removed once) and 100% cotton garments are allowed in a monoplace and multiplace chamber. In a multiplace chamber, a patient can also bring a book or magazine. Items such as synthetics (nylon, rayon, etc.), oil based or petroleum products, lipstick, make-up, nail polish, hair products (sprays, gels, mousse, etc.), hearing aides, contact lenses, cell phones & pagers, radios, tape players, MP3 players, watches, newspapers, and food are not allowed in any hyperbaric chamber.

While in the hyperbaric chamber you can watch TV on an externally-anchored system. We provide Netflix, in addition to an audio system to listen to music. You can also just close your eyes and sleep. 

Patients are monitored at all times by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or a certified hyperbaric technician during their HBO treatment. 

 Most HBO treatments generally take about 2 hours. Treatments for some indications can last up to 4 hours. Serious diving injuries can require a treatment longer than 5 hours. The hyperbaric physician will determine how long each patient’s HBO treatment will last.

The hyperbaric physician determines the number of treatments needed. A patient’s diagnosis and their individual response to HBO therapy are a few of the factors taken into consideration. For instance, a patient with a non-healing wound would most likely receive a longer course of treatments than a patient with carbon monoxide poisoning would receive.


At North Carolina Hyperbarics, we make it a priority to keep the referring physician involved in the patient’s course of treatment, from the initial day of consultation to the last day of treatment.


Yes, insurance companies are covering HBO therapy for approved indications. We recommend you contact your insurance company to find out about your particular HBOT coverage.

 Yes, we are the only facility in North Carolina who specialize in providing hyperbaric oxygen supervision and wound care.  And our practice is evidence-based.  Our physicians work to keep the course of HBO treatment as short as possible, based on published medical literature.

Our chambers can deliver up to 9 times more oxygen (medicine) than an inflatable bag and a simple oxygen mask hooked up to an oxygen tank can deliver more oxygen(418mmHg) than an inflatable bag(237mmHg). Click, for more detailed information.